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Histoire 2 was born from the encounter of two complementary profiles : Michael, a publicist as creative as stragesist, and Nadya, a PR professional keen on events and entertainment. A successful and explosive but harmonious mix because both are moved by the same will : tell the story of brands with the right content.

Reinvent the market and its practices with a goal of creating a new generation of PR : that is the mission Histoire 2 has given itself. To stand out, Nadya and Michael’s strategic bias is clear : thinking the organization differently, putting the result at the heart of the elaboration of each strategy and always being on the lookout for innovative ideas.

In this way Histoire 2 doesn’t evolve on its own but with a big sister by its sides, Conceptory, a communication agency founded by Michael in 2010. From their union is born The Collective Story, a perfect match for answering advertisers’ demands to a logical guiding thread between each operation linked to their global communication and resulting in optimization of their investments.

This singularity allows the agency to offer its prospects and clients a meaningful and unique approach.

It is a true collective and human adventure that Histoire 2 cares to initiate and maintain with its collaborators, its publics, its clients, always respecting its main values : proximity and transparency.

The agency takes pride in the success of its courses of actions in the allocated times, and in supporting clients and incoming clients with sincerity in what may be their most beautiful stories !